The Omega Chain is a resilient network system around the Columbia Point peninsula connecting disparate areas with holistic mechanisms that transcend simple solutions and elevate the quality of life. It consists of scalable infrastructure capable of climate change adaptation, organic growth and extension to encompass adjacent neighborhoods and beyond and meeting the End-of-century Sea Level Rise. It is scalable to increase or decrease in proportion based on current information. In concert with these forces, we envision working with a team of local community members and government agencies to respond and adapt to related conditions as they arise. Our proposal offers a range of resilient and scalable design solutions tailored to specific areas of the site with interconnectivity at its core: The gradual conversion of Morrissey Boulevard into a landscaped civic park linking existing Pattens Cove on the south with existing Joe Moakley Park on the north, and designed to accept, store and discharge water from floods, storm surges and the rising tide. A new elevated Morrissey Boulevard is located adjacent to the park and curved to calm fast moving traffic. The park features water and conservation activities, and subzones for local coastal plants; wildlife habitat; and food cultivation. Allowing water to enter the site increases the waterfront perimeter length around the Columbia Point peninsula, bringing additional value to adjacent properties with views and direct access.
Company Name
Howard & Cavaluzzi Architects Intl. LLC, Beijing Office

Team Member(s)
Jason Balinbin, Senior Architect
Liu Hongchao, Architect
Zhong Ruixue, Landscape Designer
Chen Jinhua, Architect
Li Ming, Architect
Huang Limin, Urban Planner