We propose an approach to living with water that acknowledges the inevitable rise of sea level and the flooding that will inevitably ensue. We propose a district strategy that allows water to penetrate to the interior of the district. As water levels rise, they are accommodated within a network of pools and storage areas created by excavating portions of the site. Large “floating parks” are proposed within these pools as a public amenity that will with water levels. By allowing water in, we must re-think our approach to buildings, utilities, and the street.

Buildings will be for living, working, and recreation. We propose a complete mixed use nodal neighborhood. Buildings will necessarily be net zero energy, net zero waste, and net zero consumers of water. Passive strategies, renewable energy, and recycling and reusing strategies will be core components of new and retrofitted buildings within the district. It will be critical to reduce demand for utilities, since conventional networks for utility distribution will be re-thought.

Streets, formerly the realm of automobiles, will be re-thought. Lightweight structures on raised ground planes created from excavating the pools, they will be home to people walking and on bikes, and to self-driving utility delivery and people-moving vehicles. Lighting will come from buildings, and stormwater systems will be linked to the tidal pools. The flexibility of the lightweight street will allow the development of numerous types of ground floor retail pipe and conduit will no longer be the primary means for delivering utilities and services. Power and water that cannot be produced on site will be brought in by self-driving electric powered utility delivery vehicles. A barge can be used to recharge batteries and to manage waste. Building on current technology and planning, we can liberate buildings and streets to create a thriving and vigorous urban district.
Company Name
Cycle Architects and Planners

Team Member(s)
Tony Daniels
Colin Montoute
Marissa Feddema
Ted Solages
Mike Campbell
Caitlin Martusewicz
Eleanna Anagnos
Philip Jenkin