Sky City
Morrissey Boulevard is built on low land filled between the Boston mainland and former islands. By 2100, it will flood during regular storm surge events owing to a 5’ sea level rise. Fortunately, the surrounding property, assembled early in the 21st century, is a resilient, transit-oriented development that offers exceptional real estate values and quality of life for residents and businesses. Sky City, so named because of its exquisite elevated pedestrian network over beautiful wet-dry watercourses, is one of the most successful exemplars of living with water in the 21st and 22nd centuries.

Wet/Dry Watercourses
An attractive system of wet-dry watercourses, landscaped with salt tolerant plants and constructed drainage, is designed to look naturalistic yet engineered to divert flood surge and aids post storm drainage. The highest real estate values are along these beautiful, occasional floodways.

Elevated Pedestrian Network
A stunning network of footbridges and walkways are constructed approximately 20’ above Morrissey Boulevard, separating pedestrians from vehicular traffic and ensuring resilient connections above rising storm surge levels. This elevated pedestrian network creates a highly walkable community and urban appeal akin to New York’s reclaimed High Line.

High Performance Buildings
High performance buildings are designed to operate with 80% less energy than typical buildings in the 21st century due to superior double-skinned facades and digital automation of building services. These buildings are elevated on piers which engineered to allow storm surges to pass beneath the buildings without damage to structure or disruption to on-going occupancy.

District Renewable Energy
Peripheral parking garages and taller buildings are used for solar photovoltaic panels which supply a district renewable energy plant. This allows Sky City to be semi-autonomous and resilient during storm surges.

Company Name
Architerra Inc.

Team Member(s)
Daniel Bernstein, AIA, LEED – Architect/Planner
Ellen Watts, AIA, LEED – Architect/Planner
Nikul Patel, LEED – Designer
Caitlin Gilman, AIA, LEED – Architect
Pete Hanley, Assoc. AIA, LEED – Designer
Jaime McGavin, LEED – Designer
Matt Calvey, AIA, LEED – Architect