The Boston Frog Tours
Come aboard! You’ve never toured Old Boston in anything that comes close to Boston Frog Tours!

The fun begins as soon as you board your “FROG”, world’s first truly amphibious vehicle that can submerge under water and drive up on shore. In this tour you will be able to travel underwater and visit many archaeological sites of the once great city that flourished before the ocean had risen to our current level.

As visitors to this bygone world, you will see remnants of how Bostonians of the early 20th Century used to live, completely oblivious to their own contribution to the Great Surge! Yes! Step right up, as our tour will highlight to you, all the outdated infrastructure of Boston that contributed to global climate change, and ultimately led to rise in ocean level! You will see how people of the past drove inefficient cars and lived in inefficient homes! You will see various attempts at curbing carbon emission, such as solar farms and wind turbines. You will see how buildings were designed to survive water surges during the era of The Great Surge. It’s a fantastic journey through our past, to see how our ancestors tried to stem the tide!

First, you’ll be greeted by one of our legendary tour guides, who’ll be narrating all of the contributing factors to Earth’s climate change, point out how Old Bostonians destroyed their own environment. You are off on a journey like you’ve never had before!

You’ll cruise by all the places that made Boston the birthplace of freedom and a city of firsts in technological advances, but ultimately never changed its ways to curb detriments to Earth. And, as the best of Old Boston unfolds before your eyes, your tour guide will be giving you lots of little known facts and interesting insights about our how the unique city came to its demise.

And just when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s more. It’s time for “Splashdown” as your Frog vehicle splashes you right into cavernous “cenotes” for a breathtaking view of submerged Boston and Cambridge archaeological sites, the kind of view you just won’t get anywhere else. These underwater caves were formed as natural forces of rising ocean gradually took over man made artifice of the 21st century urbanity.

So take the ride of your life. Hop on a Boston Frog Tour!

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