The project is focusing on the 100 acres area in the neighborhood area of South Boston. Our concept is to use concepts of natural and ecological motives to transform the currently monolithic concrete area into the greenery space that bring nature to human living. Increasing the green density urban fabric environment is the main movement through designing a number of different approaches, such as distinctive planting typologies (wetland, urban forestry, medium high foliage forest), eco-friendly streetscape, public open space & plaza and a series of ideas relating to community space (community garden, public open space, active frontage, playground, family space and tactical DIY program). Connecting ‘Culture’ and ‘Nature’, ‘People’ and ‘Plant’ brings mutual benefit for neighborhood communities and its natural quality, and at the same time, create an active lifestyle for South Boston City. In addition, the streetscape is also considered through cycling development, activating harbour promenade and improving the system of pedestrian on main street spines to connect the entire area of South Boston neighborhood.
Company Name
Equinox Design

Team Member(s)
Le Van Tan Quyen, Landscape Architect
Daniel Spicer, Landscape Architect