Reduction of climate change and waste of energy will become prior conditons within the next 100 years. As governments around the world don’t seem to find long-term solutions, it is a major challenge for architects and local investors solving these problems by planning intelligent systems of energy retrieval and usage of natural energy sources. It will be also a challenge and big investment for cities and their population to react on the impacts of climate change, cause the power of nature is going to same extremes like mankind does in the term of destruction of the planet.

Solar energy, reduction of traffic and the concluding pollution are necessary in the same way as architectural structures delivering long-term solutions. The design includes a combination of energy retrieval, usage of solar energy and change of infrastructure. Traffic is organized in an extended network of tunnels, exhaust gases can be filtered before getting into the atmosphere, waste heat can be used for heating and warm water in surrounding buildings. All facades and thin surfaces of planned buildings contain solar-cells which exist also as transparent material meanwhile, so deviding facades into different zones is no longer necessary.

The new atlantic boardwalk, which is organized about 10 feet above the original level of atlantic street provides a playful combination of walk-ways and architectural structures for events, arts, sports or just relaxing in the new park with a silent and beautiful surrounding of new and historic architecture.

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Michael Zeile, Free Architect – Executing Architect