Our proposal is simple: Let the waters flood the site completely and create a city living environment built over water. We envision a watery landscape full of houseboats and skyscrapers emerging from the waters in a similar fashion to sea exploration platforms. The existing streets, where the historic warehouses are, will become canals with scenery that may resemble the canals of Amsterdam and Venice.

The existing historic warehouses will have their first floors flooded. The buildings will be retrofitted to relocate existing mechanical equipment to upper levels. Roofs will be made green gardens and aerial bridges will allow interconnections between different buildings. Use of those warehouses will continue to be live/work units apt for artists and professionals.

The vacant areas of the site will feature groups of skyscrapers emerging from the water. Those skyscrapers will be mixed-use developments with the possibility of having office, hotel and restaurant space. In addition, their roofs will be green gardens with abundant vegetation and ample viewing opportunities of the Boston skyline beyond. In a way, the new skyscrapers will mirror the existing skyline of the Boston Financial District right across the Fort Point Channel. We envision the opportunity for three skyscraper sites located in vacant areas and away from the I-90 Freeway tunnel.

Company Name
Silvio Popovsky Architect

Team Member(s)
Silvio Popovsky, Architect and UrbanDesigner
Mike Peroni, Urban Designer and Environmental Planner
Doug Franklin, Project Engineer
James Bauza, Project Engineer
Nancy Ferguson, Environmental Planner and Land Use Specialist
Robert Verlaan, Environmental Planner
Yvonne Franco, Planning Research analyst
Cheri Flores, Resource Management Specialist
Ana Cadena, Geologist
Michael Spurlosky, Land Surveyor
Dale C. Ross, Water and Sewer Specialist Engineer